The Funding Announcement for Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Expansion Funds 2018 opened this morning. Please forward this information to any jurisdictions that may be interested in applying for this opportunity.

Up to $400,000 is available to local jurisdictions in Wisconsin to support new or enhanced Treatment Alternatives and Diversion projects.  Please note that final funding amounts are contingent upon approval in the 2017-2019 state budget. Eligible jurisdictions are limited to those not currently receiving state TAD funding.

Application Due Date: August 18, 2017

Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Expansion Funds (2018)

National Association of Drug Court Professionals
National Drug Court Institute
Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program
Drug Court Clearinghouse (via American University)
Office of Recovery and Reinvestment
Treatment Alternatives and Diversion Program (TAD)
National Rural Institute on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Wisconsin Justice Reinvestment Initiative
Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance

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